Saturday, May 22, 2010


I think the last two days have been just crazy for lil'bit. She is getting used to the dogs. Max whines when she cries and follows me everywhere, well not just me follows whomever has the baby. He keeps trying to lick her head (gross) and has tasted her bottle, which irritates mommy when she is trying to feed the baby and mid feed we have to start a new one. arrgh. Luka is doing well all things considering. She is a bit protective of me so this is a big adjustment for her. She doesnt have my attention whenever she wants it so we watch her closely, Max is letting her know to stay away from the baby.

Lil'bit had a bath today in her bathtub. She didnt like it any more than she did when we had the bath in the hotel sink. Baths are still a bit of a challenge for me, she has so many creases and folds ---lol--and let me tell you, if you dont know already, Desitin is stubborn to clean off. Works great for a little rash but h-a-r-d to get off.


Tammy said...

Hi! I saw your post on the AA group. I am a single mom also to my son Zachary who is now 16 months old. He was placed with me at 6 months through a domestic adoption as well. I too had 2 failed international attempts (as well as 2 failed demestic adoptions). It sometimes takes quite a bit to bring home the child who is meant for us but once they find us, it's magical! I always love reading other singles' blogs! Here is my blog:

Congratulations on finally having your daughter and getting home. Now real life begins!! I can't wait to follow along on your journey!


PS - my dogs had a hard time adjusting as well. They were my babies before my human baby came home. I did what you did in the beginning - tried to separate them. I found they were less jealous and anxious when I integrated them as much as possible because even if I couldn't be paying direct attention to them, as least they were with me.

They will eventually adjust and you will find M grows to love them to pieces!

TheHappyNeills said...

Congrats on your new little sweetie! I followed your link from the AA adoption group. We are stuck in the Kyrgyz delays, too (without a referral). So we'll basically be starting at square one with Kg once thins start moving again *sigh*. SO sad to read about "B", but still a happy ending as you've found Maddie!

We just started a domestic adoption while we wait on Kyrg. Hoping for a summer baby, but time will tell.


TheHappyNeills said...

p.s. I'm the one who did the Ebay fundraiser for actofkindess. :) I saw that you had linked to it last fall!

V said...

OMG Beth!!! I haven't had a chance to read your blog for a few weeks, so I'm thinking today I've got to make time to catch up and see what you're up to, and I'm freaking out!!! You're a MOMMY now!!! I am SO excited for you!!! She's so beautiful!!!