Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tub time with Punkin Runkin

Well I think P.R. is over the bathtub hump.. we are transitioning her to the big tub but when I tried it the last couple of times she was a little overwhelmed and just sat there scared. Then Nana (brilliant Nana) had the idea of putting the blow up tub on the counter where we had been bathing her. Voila' that worked! Heres a video.. she made and incredible wet mess but had a great time with her toys .. must be the perspective of being able to see everything.. eventually we will try the tub again but for now she's enjoying it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Addition

Funny how things work out.. There is a new addition to our family. P.R. welcomed a new brother on January 19th..!!! I am so thrilled (and very tired)! Z (no nickname yet) was born at a hospital near me and I got the call on the 20th, he was in my arms on the 21st and home we went. It all happened so fast! Nana and I were discussing when the next addition to our family would be and God decided .. .umm right NOW. Everyone has been so wonderful. T is loaning us a bassinet until we can get another crib.. oy.. we went shopping and traded in the Caddie (the big stroller) for the Escalade (the DOUBLE stroller) last weekend and its big but it works great. P.R. has upgraded to her new carseat. Remember when we were in TX getting M and I took the car seat class? We got a free carseat then and its been just waiting for M to be ready to get into it. It seems as if it was almost someone's plan that I would get a last minute placement and need to have two carseats.. hmm things have a funny way of working out huh. Anyway, if you havent already skipped over all this to check out the pics here he is. Three weeks old today!