Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a glimmer?

I cant say much, since nothing is verified as true. If you have been following this journey at all you know that we hear some rumors and they turn out to be untrue. I am a member of a yahoo group for other waiting parents and even though I dont talk much there, I find an enormous amount of comfort and information. We are from all over the US and even abroad. Anyway, there is a rumor that there is some 'positive' action going on. I got an email from J yesterday. She talked to T and without getting to detailed (remember they asked us not to release anything publicly until it is confirmed by the Kyrg govt) things may start moving for us waiting families. Maybe as soon as a month from now. Just moving, not get on a plane. But, at least I will be able to tenatively book the plane. I am hoping for a confirmation from the US Department of State, who has been working for us as well. Believe me-when I get that confirmation of action this blog will be updated. I am so blessed to have friends (virtual and warmblooded) who are sharing this journey with me encouraging positivity and supporting me. You really dont know how connected people are until you are put in a situation where you REALLY need that connection and your friends are there. I am trying to be strong and positive. (I cant have an emotional break right now.. i may have to update my medical docs-lol) I've been doing ok. Focusing alot on work (fortunately theres lots to do), relaxing, and taking time to let go of those things I cannot control. I think of it as 'delegating' I can handle those things within my control and those I cannot are handled by the only One who can.

On a happy happy note. Jellybean has made her (Yes L, I said 'her') debut on the world wide web in her first baby bump shot. The credit goes to her hubby and it is beautiful. I am looking forward to the 'growth'.
Love to all

Monday, April 27, 2009


Jeez, there is still nothing to report. They had their meeting and discovered some discrepancies. We really have NO idea what is going on. Nothing solid is coming from the powers that be, so we all just keep waiting to hear something solid. B has turned 10 months old without me. I am still hopeful that we will hear something sooner rather than later. I hope we will hear something positive. T came back from her visit with M and had some pics. B has 2 little teeth! So cute. He looks good. I have not been able to stop my shopping habit however. I went to PS for work and there is an outlet mall there. Needless to say there were some smokin' deals at C#$ters and I couldnt help myself. I did get some bigger sizes 12-18 months they should be ok. Fortunately, I dont have to worry about weather since its warm here all the time. Keep the prayers coming!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Still waiting

Well there isnt much to report. Some talk has been occurring over there but nothing concrete or final. The hope is that they are still talking and working on making a decision for the pipeline families. We are again told we will hear something 'hopefully this next week'. There is a conference call on the 15th and I will let you know what happens during that. Please continue to pray for B and all the other familes. Also pray for T, she is over there now visiting her daughter M. Pray that she stays safe and gets back home safely. Hopefully she will have time to check in on the babies and give us a healthcheck report when she gets home. This was in the Kyrgyz news on April 8:
At least 225 children of Kyrgyzstan adopted by foreigners within past 2 years
08/04-2009 15:06, Bishkek – News Agency “”,
At least 225 children of Kyrgyzstan were adopted by foreigners within the past two years, the First Vice Prime Minister Uktomhan Abdullaeva said at the joint session of the three parliamentary committees on Wednesday.
Most of these children (164) were adopted by the United States citizens, then goes Sweden (21), Israel (20), the Southern African Republic (5), Italy (1) and Germany (1).
Most often foreigners adopt special needs children, while Kyrgyz citizens for certain reasons never apply for adoption of children like that.
“We have information about children adopted to U.S. or Canadian families. They are safe and sound,” Abdullaeva said when asked about cases of deaths or mistreat of Kyrgyz children.
Right now we are planning to elaborate a data base of all adopted children and in the future to establish a child adoption institution.

On an extremely happy note RFBF is now baby Jellybean. L, I am keeping you, your hubby and JB in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs