Sunday, April 12, 2009

Still waiting

Well there isnt much to report. Some talk has been occurring over there but nothing concrete or final. The hope is that they are still talking and working on making a decision for the pipeline families. We are again told we will hear something 'hopefully this next week'. There is a conference call on the 15th and I will let you know what happens during that. Please continue to pray for B and all the other familes. Also pray for T, she is over there now visiting her daughter M. Pray that she stays safe and gets back home safely. Hopefully she will have time to check in on the babies and give us a healthcheck report when she gets home. This was in the Kyrgyz news on April 8:
At least 225 children of Kyrgyzstan adopted by foreigners within past 2 years
08/04-2009 15:06, Bishkek – News Agency “”,
At least 225 children of Kyrgyzstan were adopted by foreigners within the past two years, the First Vice Prime Minister Uktomhan Abdullaeva said at the joint session of the three parliamentary committees on Wednesday.
Most of these children (164) were adopted by the United States citizens, then goes Sweden (21), Israel (20), the Southern African Republic (5), Italy (1) and Germany (1).
Most often foreigners adopt special needs children, while Kyrgyz citizens for certain reasons never apply for adoption of children like that.
“We have information about children adopted to U.S. or Canadian families. They are safe and sound,” Abdullaeva said when asked about cases of deaths or mistreat of Kyrgyz children.
Right now we are planning to elaborate a data base of all adopted children and in the future to establish a child adoption institution.

On an extremely happy note RFBF is now baby Jellybean. L, I am keeping you, your hubby and JB in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs


Lori said...

You know, Beth, it's not just the hormones that make me cry every time I read your posts. Your thoughtfulness and compassion just overwhelm me with how many good and kind people are in the world. Thank you for thinking of us while your very obviously full plate continues to spin.
I just hope and pray that this Wednesday brings about all the information you want and need to hear and that it is one of the last steps before little B comes home. He has such an awesome mommy!

Christina said...

Praying for good news with the phone conference this week. Can't wait to see new pictures of our boys when T gets home!!