Monday, April 4, 2011


Well finally P.R has a couple of teeth. She popped out the first one last month and the second one just seemed to 'appear' out of nowhere.. and now SHE GRINDS her two little teeth. Its just about enough to send me scurrying away with my hands over my ears. I have two sounds that absolutely send me into a frenzy.. one is grinding teeth.. and the other is scraping a fork (or some other utensil) accross a plate.. just the thought of it sends the hair on the back of my neck into full alert. I am sure she doesnt do it on purpose, the Pedi said that it looks like she's gonna get all of em in at once, so she is probably trying to set those little fellas free. but still.. Mommy cant handle the grinding.. Whew that was quite a rant but I feel sooo much better. She hasn't had any other issues with the teething other than alot of drool and chewing on everything so for that I am thankful. B.C is growing like a weed. We had his 2 month appt the other day and he is a whopper at 12.5 lbs. PR weighs just 3.5 lbs more but she has 5 inches on him. If she doesnt have a spurt he's gonna pass her up. He has kind of a wierd schedule he will eat about every 3 hrs during the day then at night seems to want a bottle every hour til about 9 then zonks for the night. Tummy time is going much better with him. He holds his head up really good but tends to fall asleep after about 5 minutes or so.. that must be exausting. I will post more pics soon!