Friday, August 27, 2010

Pictures are in!!

So we had pictures taken last weekend and we got them today. I scanned some and they are uploaded. It was HOT in the room and I was crawling all over keeping her looking at the camera.. she is having some camera shyness issue lately. She got all excited when whe was half naked.. go figure. Those are the ones with the smiles. She is doing awesome.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pictures tomorrow

Nana told me the other day that 'she's growing up too fast'... 'she's only 3 months old' I said. We have pictures tomorrow. Now I am not thrilled..I never have been thrilled about pictures. But I was excited that we would get some pics of Punkin runkin.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

3 months old today

Punkin Runkin is 3 months old today. On one hand, time seems to have flown cause she is so little 11 pounds now, the other she has grown so much and is hitting milestones. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is now the age when I first met Ben. I think often of him and hope that he is doing well in Kyrgyztan with his family. His picture is with hers on the shelf in her room. She will know about him when she gets older.
We are getting some work done on the kitchen. A month or so ago we had the 1980's sliding glass door taken out and a pair of brand spakin new french doors put in. My first house had french doors. Anyway, Mom and I decided that we needed some more cupboard space. So we called our 'guy' and had him get started. Its looking really good. We thought it would look a little wierd since we are adding cabinets and a new countertop but its not. The kitchen is an absolute disaster but we are almost there. I will post pics when its done.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Jeez, its been a month since i posted last... bad blogger. Things have been busy and I am so grateful for every gift I have been given. Maddie is almost 3 months old (Aug 7) and she has had her first airplane ride. Mom and I drove to San Antonio when she was born so this was her first trip in the air and we werent sure what was going to happen. She did awesome.. she cried a little and with the bottle went right to sleep.. I had visions (thanks to my co-business traveler friend Mark) of being 'THAT' person, you know, the one with the screaming baby for the entire trip, the one who prompts hearing loss by those who crank up the ipod to max to drown out the noise. But, as usual she amazed me and didnt have an issue with the pressure. She slept through 2 landings (to the pilot's credit they werent bad) and everyone who walked by said what a good baby she was.

We were in South Dakota (me for work and Maddie and Nana for social visits) for 2 weeks. Living in a hotel (flashbacks to San Antonio) wasnt bad this time, maybe since we know Sioux Falls and had other things to do.

Things are going great with her. I havent had any issues with people looking at her then at me and wondering.. hmm how'd that happen. Its kinda funny to wonder how people's minds work. I was in Walmart the other day and the sales girl asked me how long I was in labor with her.. I said '19 hours' since thats how long it took to get to San Antonio!!!
So.. lets catch up on some pictures shall we??? There are some random ones, some pictures of her room and her insanely full closet.. (again with my shopping problem) and some of friends in South Dakota. Mom mentions every day how she is growing.. and growing.. I know she has to and I am glad she is but still.. I am trying out Smilebox.. hopefully this works.

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