Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not much to tell..

Nothing much going on yet. There is talk of a meeting with parliment this week, to decide on laws concerning IA. Probabaly good for the future of adoption. However, I have not heard of ANY mention of the 65 waiting families. Of course the hope is that we will be exempt from the new laws and somehow, these adoptions will be allowed to complete. Even though B is back with his birthmother, I am determined to help the children. Follow this link to Ebay for some Kyrgz items for sale as part of a fundraising effort by John Wright for the children. There are a couple of really cute nativity sets and some bookmarks, and ornaments. There's also a 'pie in the face' challenge going on, visit Joh's Act of Kindness blog. Five Dollars can do SO much for them.

As for me? J is sure I will receive another referral when things get moving. And that I am still considered one of the 65. I still believe my child (or children) is/are waiting for me in that little country. I am still sad but can now look at the pictures I have of that beautiful little boy and remember. Often the memories make me smile.

Getting there... B :)