Saturday, November 27, 2010

Online Scrapping

Well I am trying my hand at online scrapbooking. When Maddie was born I wanted to scrapbook our journey and milestones. So I bought the cutest book and some scrapbooking supplies at the store and sat down to get started..well, it didnt work out so well for me. What I like about it..using creativity to place and truly make them personal. What I dont like about it.. I kept changing my mind on how I wanted the pages to look. Of course I wanted them to be great right away and as I started working with the cut out papers, and embellishments I had trouble making the adjustments.... I couldnt commit to anything! arrgh .. so of course I took a break and started exploring the digital version of scrapbooking. I got some great suggestions and finally made my first TWO pages. I used and its free to play around and create and save to the layout to you website account. I like that they have some templates already created that you can just add pictures to. I created a couple then when I went back to my account I tweaked them and made some new ones. To 'get them' buy 'credits' for $1.99 each. Each page is 1 credit. You download the page in a .jpg that you can send to an online photo printing service. I am using Costco since I am a member and I can go pick them up. I am definitely an 'immediate gratification' type person so I didnt want to wait for the pages to be mailed to me, so having the option to pick them up is great. So .. here they are. Let me know what you think. If you have had experience doing online scrapping let me know how it went.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


We are back from San Antonio, which is my new favorite city btw. Why is San Antonio my new favorite city you ask? Well because for one, my daughter was born there, and two on Friday November 12th at 1:30pm Madelyn Grace Michelle Vermeer was decreed, irrevocably my daughter! We had finalization and of course she had a couple of things to say lol. When the Judge asked if she agreed she smiled and started talking, it was so funny. He said 'Well I guess she agrees'.

It was a bit surreal, whole court thing. I guess I was expecting a private session with the Judge, but thats not how it works in Bexar County Texas. We were in the courtroom with a bunch of people and he went through the docket fairly quickly. So in front of an audience (which Mads absolutely loves) we were called up and the attorney asked me a few questions and then he said he read the paperwork and wholeheartedly approves and signed the paper. We got a picture with the Judge, he was a bit shorter than me in my 3 inch heels so I squatted a little. lol

And now we are over the moon happy and enjoying this little miracle every day.