Saturday, February 27, 2010

the new 4 wheeled baby

Shopping therapy is always nice. I have been in saving mode for so long that when the dam broke and I spent some money it was ALOT. I bought a new car. The old one (a Nissan Xterra) had dutifully served its purpose. I bought it just after the accident that totaled my CRV. When I went shopping for a car after the CRV accident I was looking for a tough-big-mean looking vehicle. Fast forward 5 years. I am thisclose to paying it off ($298 close) and the visor clip (you know that little clip that keeps the visor from sagging) broke. Mom and I were out to lunch with some friends and thought lets stop at Checker and see if they have one. If only that were the end of the story. Well they didnt have one so it was off to the Nissan dealership to see if they had one. I knew I liked the Murano since I had rented it before and thought 'what could it hurt' lets see what they have. Uh huh thats how it started. So 4 hours later I had traded in the security blanket for a very cool family, carseat ready vehicle. Now I just need a 2 legged baby to put in it!!

Two more

Last night I was cruising the list of 'favorites' and found a couple of situations I am interested in. I sent off my info, thank goodness I have electronic copies of everything, and will have to wait and see if these referral agencies and birthmother think I am a good fit for the situation. With the new agency its a waiting game, they do all the matching so, birthmothers will review my 'stats' and choose. Don't get me wrong it is a wonderful process but its a little different for me. When I first started this adoption journey I was in the situation of an orphan child who needed a home and 'bam' I was matched. This process is a little different and I am thrilled that there is truly a choice for the birthmother. The last couple of months (well since I lost B in October) I have been proactively checking available situations online. I joined a couple of referral agencies to open up my networking and have found a few situations. None have worked out yet, but I am hopeful that this new combination of proactively searching and a new agency will mean the difference in building my family this year. I am Optimistic. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still nothing

There was some activity (on the PAP's part) last week and the week before but still nothing is going on over there. No decisions dispite the February 15 date coming and going.

On a more positive note I have started with a new adoption agency. J is wonderful but their domestic program is very very small and they just dont have the network to get the word out. So I have signed up with a new group that seems to have quite a network and great birthmother programs. I dont know what will happen next I am just taking it day by day.