Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still nothing

There was some activity (on the PAP's part) last week and the week before but still nothing is going on over there. No decisions dispite the February 15 date coming and going.

On a more positive note I have started with a new adoption agency. J is wonderful but their domestic program is very very small and they just dont have the network to get the word out. So I have signed up with a new group that seems to have quite a network and great birthmother programs. I dont know what will happen next I am just taking it day by day.


Kimberly said...

Sounds promising! I wish we all had better news from Kyrgyz!

Christina said...

Sorry that Kyrgyzstan is still giving excuses. Wishing you luck in your domestic adoption.

Lori said...

As you take it day by day, praying for you on each one!

Jackie said...

Beth, best wishes to you as you pursue domestic adoption. I look forward to following along and sharing in your joy as you create your family.