Wednesday, March 25, 2009

9 Months today

B is 9 months old today. He was supposed to be home. Way back when I started this process, everything was moving so smoothly. I started in February, got my homestudy done by the middle of April, picked Kyrgyz as my adopted country the beginning of June and got my referal for B the beginning of July. I was really oblivious to the political goings on in the country as I focused on the dossier and getting it completed. Nothing seemed to have stopped last summer, families still went to visit and pick up their children. October finally came and B was 3 months so I could go visit him. And then.... the stall. I was so happy to have the opportunity to visit him in January all the while thinking..'its just a bump in the road' they will start moving again. After my wonderful visit I get home and things were not any better.. and still arent. Its frustrating even more now because Kyrgz is going to have a presidential election in July. Please pray that the babies are home before then. Hugs to all thank you so much for your support.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Got a couple pics

This was in my email last night. He looks good (except, of course for the fashion statement) He's not wearing anything I brought him. I am hoping he is growing, but it's hard to tell.
There has been lots of talk on the yahoo group but none of us have heard much concrete. As usual. We are supporting each other and even if I dont talk much on the group their words always let me know there are others in the same boat I am. Frustrated, ticked off, worried, impatient, aprehensive.. and lots of other adjectives I dont have enough effort to type. lol. I am holding on, waiting to see what happens at the end of the month. There are reports on this website that we have been watching. There have been some articles with some negative comments about 'foreigners' and illegal but we have it on good authority that it was a copy vs an original document and it was a while ago. So we should hear something by the end of the month.

On another note. Woo Hoo for RFBF. Got word today that they have made themselves comfortable and have signed a 9month lease. Yay 'L'.. hugs to you and your hubby.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Small note from J this week in her update

Kyrgyz Republic
T spoke with Ambassador Z Friday -- but other than saying they are all working on it, I do not have anything of substance. The investigations that have been going on seem to center on Bishkek; I have not heard of any in Tokmok. But they seem to be reviewing ALL the adoption documents, so maybe they just have not gotten there, yet.
The Kyrgyz president, according to The Economist, has given the US six months to renegotiate the base. We will see what happens with that; while it does not affect adoption directly, any swing between Russia and the US from inside Kyrgyz can influence how the Kyrgyz government feels about the US in general.
As soon as I have any specifics, will let you know.
I have not heard more directly from the DOS; but have heard from others that they are very engaged in trying to get children home. Whether they can get this done before the end of this month remains to be seen. Praying.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Still no news

We still havent heard anything on the adoption front. Still waiting til the 20th or 31st not sure. We were hoping for pictures but nothing there yet either. J is still working on trying to find anything out. She has to talk to T and T has to wait for Ambassador Z to get back to her, then there is the time difference. When it is nighttime here its daytime tomorrow there. Challenging all around but would really like to know whats going on. There is so much unsubstantiated political aid from a country (other than the US) the reason we cant get the babies home? Have we been following the rules while the Kyrgyz government had no intention of following through? There has been alot of press lately. Some things are being uncovered in the investigations in Kyrgyz regarding corruption and some people involve in adoptions, years ago, not following the rules. Some of the other families have been asked to give copies of payments made to the Kyrgz government. I havent been asked and am pretty sure J would let me know if they want anything from me. Just still hoping something will start moving.

Friday, March 6, 2009

No news til Sunday

There is nothing new yet. J is busy with a seminar this weekend so she will send out her update on Sunday. Our incountry coordinator B, is supposed to go get pictures this weekend. We probably wont get anything from him til next week. I hope Porkchop is growing and healthy. I sent J an email yesterday asking 'what happens next?' I wanted a time line, and did she think it would be long process once they start signing. She thought that after my letter is signed it would be about 2 months of court and paperwork then I could travel, jeez I hope they sign by then end of March or at least start. B will be 1 the end of June and I really want him home for that. I know that there are other families who are not going to be able to be with their chidren for their 1st birthdays and that makes me sad.

One more thing. I have a 'virtual friend' out there that, probably without her even knowing it, makes me smile every time I read her blog. Anyway, please pray for her and RFBF that they make themselves comfortable and grow.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

JCICS update

The JCICS put an update on their website today. Not much info but it does seem like they are pretty happy with what they arent telling us, I guess we will find out when we find out.

The DOS had a meeting with the agencies (of the families waiting) and requested some caution when publishing information they hear from sources in Kyrgz. There has been alot of misinformation (aka lies) told to.. well pretty much everyone. J sent a quick update the end of last week and asked that we not post anything until its confirmed. She will, absolutely, keep those in our little ICF family updated with all she knows, good or bad, but will not be able to share everything 'rumored' publicly and has asked that we not post anything either. I am respecting her wishes but will say that the latest conversations seem promising but no champagne or letter or airline booking yet. I think I have forgotten what I will need to do when I get 'the call'. My documents are up to date (so far) nothing expiring til June so I think I am ok. Mind you, I dont think things will move very quickly once they start so I am preparing for 'baby steps' (pun intended) when things get going. There are 65 of us (5 in my little ICF family) that are all going to sprint out of the gate when we start getting letters and I hope that little country is prepared for us to come. Wouldnt it be great if we could all just go at once and take over the place... lol.

Anyway here's the latest from the JCICS:
March 3, 2009 - Joint Council is pleased to confirm that U.S. Embassy officials in Kyrgyzstan met late last week with the Vice Prime Ministers Office regarding the 65 in-process intercountry adoption cases and the future of intercountry adoptions from Kyrgyzstan. At this time Joint Council cannot confirm the exact contents of the conversation.

Further, we can confirm that police investigations are occurring in Kyrgyzstan in regards to accusations surrounding child buying for intercountry adoption. No further information on this subject is available at this time. As soon as more information is available Joint Council will release it on our website.