Saturday, March 14, 2009

Small note from J this week in her update

Kyrgyz Republic
T spoke with Ambassador Z Friday -- but other than saying they are all working on it, I do not have anything of substance. The investigations that have been going on seem to center on Bishkek; I have not heard of any in Tokmok. But they seem to be reviewing ALL the adoption documents, so maybe they just have not gotten there, yet.
The Kyrgyz president, according to The Economist, has given the US six months to renegotiate the base. We will see what happens with that; while it does not affect adoption directly, any swing between Russia and the US from inside Kyrgyz can influence how the Kyrgyz government feels about the US in general.
As soon as I have any specifics, will let you know.
I have not heard more directly from the DOS; but have heard from others that they are very engaged in trying to get children home. Whether they can get this done before the end of this month remains to be seen. Praying.


Becky said...

:( we are facing a decision too, continue with Krygyz or explore other options. ICF doesn't have any other options for us. I just don't know what we will do.

I still pray for you and little man every day, and still for better news as well.

Lori said...

John (my Marine hubby!) says that he doesn't doubt ONE BIT that we (the US) will try to sway Kyrgz to let us keep Manas (heck, it's only money, right?) because it is VERY key...which would be a good thing as far as US / Kyrgyz relations's hoping!