Sunday, March 28, 2010

New eReader

I have jumped on the e-reader bandwagon, finally. While Mom and I were in Mexico we had dinner with some friends and they were going on and on about their new Kindles. I must admit, I had NO intention of ever buying one of these overpriced electronic gadgets. I never liked reading on my laptop, and figured it would be the same. I loved reading an actual 'book'. AND I never had to turn 'off' a book on take-off or landing. Well, I stand corrected. I really like it. I did some research online, about the Kindle, the Sony eReader and the Barnes and Noble Nook. I found that, for my use, I would be better off with the Sony E-Reader. In addition to the epub books it can view, I can read pdfs and word docs. The ability to read word docs comes in handy when I am on the road and want to review my syllabus or workshop documents. I dont have to carry them. I am still getting to know it, but so far I have read two books and its really cool. It also allows me to make lists and write notes. It has a keyboard or you can use the handwriting feature. I like it. I like it alot.
The latest news from Kyrgz is hopeful the laws have been passed but we still have no timeline for bringing kids home. On the domestic front, I am staying positive and am hopeful that I will be a mommy soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patricks Day

I know its almost over but I wanted to say to all my blogger friends out there Happy St Pattys Day. I am glad I was able to have my corned beef and cabbage on Sunday... yum yum yummy btw. Tonight I had KFC for dinner. I usually try to eat a little better than that lol, but I slacked off this week so had to make a run for the finish line with my homework tonight. I got it done though. whew. I am only 1/2 Irish but, I have been feeling so hopeful lately.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

St Pattys day

I know I already posted today but I am sitting her smelling the awesome, yum-yum, yummy treat we are having for dinner. Corned Beef and cabbage.. that old Irish St Pattys day staple. I will be out of town on the 17th so we are having it tonight. Mark and Michelle are coming over for dinner and I am jazzed. I love it..

A Muddy weekend

If you have noticed my other blog wrote on there that I went to Mexico a couple of weekends ago. The car was only 2 weeks old and it had quite the trial. I have some friends that have a house on the Sea of Cortez on the western coast of Mexico. Anyway there arent any asphalt roads out there, just dirt and theres no electricity, everyone has solar panels (yeah environment!) Anyway it rained Saturday night and was muddy. We had to drive on this muddy road to get out. I was following an Expidition that was fishtailing in the mud and was, quite freaked out and nervous about how the Murano was going to handle the mud. The Xterra (which was only front wheel drive) would not have been any good but the Murano worked well ! I guess it was a good test of the AWD. I am more and more happy with this new car. We got home safely and it got a good bath and is all clean. Yay!

Nothing new on Kyrgyztan, there is always talk but not much action. We will see what the next set of meetings brings.

On the domestic front I am networking and staying hopeful.