Saturday, May 30, 2009

A successful meeting

A group of families both current and waiting spoke to the group in Washington on Friday. They posted their thoughts on the group last night and from their words everything went very well. (See B's blog) We all had very high hopes that the officials would be moved by the stories and love we have for these children. They were. They could see the love of a mother and her 8year old adopted son sleeping in her lap. They heard from that same mother the only answer, that matters to the question 'Why?' that answer - 'Because I love her'! This is the same answer we all have for that question. They saw the pictures and stories of the children that we all gave to put faces to the waiting children. The received books showing how other children, who have come home already, are thriving with their families here. I believe this will truly make a difference in getting the process moving. I hope to hear more news soon.

As far as my plunge into Domestic? I am working on my intro letter to birthparents and my blog with the rest of the 'get to know me' information. I am taking this a little slowly, because of the finance challenge and I want to make sure this is the right time for me and for B.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meeting this week

There is a delegation of Kyrgyz officials visiting Washington this week. The waiting 65 have our own delegation to meet them. The meeting is on the 29th (Friday). The families are gathering information and families that have brought children home are helping with stories and photos. C has gotten a wonderful book together and we have all submitted stories of our children and their needs.

Familes were invited to speak on behalf of the children and the families and I am happy that T was one of them. Our group is made up of first-time adoptive parents, and adoptive parents that are on their 2nd or 3rd or 4th adoption. We are all from different backgrounds, have different experiences, different professions, single, married.. sooo different but all brought together in this little bubble of waiting.

Pray for the safe travels of the families and that the delegates open their hearts and hear the love and longing we have for these children. Our hope is that the delegates will use their voice to get the process moving.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Considering another big step

First off. I want it to be perfectly clear that in my heart I know B WILL come home, its just a matter of when. He has stolen my heart and will keep it forever. This state of limbo has given me more and more conviction and intensified my desire to be a mother. I had a wonderful day with my Mom and her unwaivering support has been a blessing. We talk and talk about what it will be like when he comes home, wonder why its taking so long, what it means for us, and how much I rely on her. She is not only my mother, but one of my closest and dearest friends. And now the punch line. I am starting to explore domestic adoption. I have always thought my little family would include 2 children. The planner in me had a schedule all figured out- B would be home in December (in time for the tax year) and I would use the credits and the reimbursement from my company to get a good chunk of the fees covered for the second. And then.... well you know what has been going on. I need to find out some things with my agency, they dont have a domestic program and I want to make sure starting a new process doesnt interfere with B's adoption. I dont know what docs I can still use or if I need to start all over. And then, where the money is going to come from is a big ? too. I am probably crazy to start this all again with the current economic time but someone out there needs me as much as I need them and I'm gonna do everything I can to find them. Just like before, I have no preference.. boy or girl. That's my story....and I'm stickin' to it.

PS.. L, told ya so.... hehe congrats

Sunday, May 3, 2009

the glimmer flickers

We got news that adoption was not discussed during the parliment meeting last week. There is a holiday next week so we are, again, waiting for 'our day in the spotlight'. In J's update this weekend she still feels that the belief of the powers that be (aka the MOE) is that they will start completing the in process families' adoptions, 'they indicate that it will take about a month to catch up with the matched waiting families' (quoted from J). Jeez I hope its true. If it is true then there is a bit of hope that B will be home very close to his 1st birthday. (June 25). I dont know if its just me or not but this whole process is totally overwhelming.
I am definitely overdoing it at work to keep distracted, and man am I getting tired. We have a big release of a software upgrade and creating that training, performing that training (with the rest of the girls) and traveling full time to customer sites is just getting to be too much. I am so fortunate to have 'the girls' on the team to bounce ideas off of and get a different perspective. I am starting to get really good at asking for help. I suppose that means I am 'growing', the control freak in me is lessening, perhaps to prepare me a little better for motherhood. It still sucks though. I dont want to be an exhausted wreck when it finally comes time to get on a plane and bring back the most precious thing in the world. Anyway, when I know something you will too.