Sunday, May 3, 2009

the glimmer flickers

We got news that adoption was not discussed during the parliment meeting last week. There is a holiday next week so we are, again, waiting for 'our day in the spotlight'. In J's update this weekend she still feels that the belief of the powers that be (aka the MOE) is that they will start completing the in process families' adoptions, 'they indicate that it will take about a month to catch up with the matched waiting families' (quoted from J). Jeez I hope its true. If it is true then there is a bit of hope that B will be home very close to his 1st birthday. (June 25). I dont know if its just me or not but this whole process is totally overwhelming.
I am definitely overdoing it at work to keep distracted, and man am I getting tired. We have a big release of a software upgrade and creating that training, performing that training (with the rest of the girls) and traveling full time to customer sites is just getting to be too much. I am so fortunate to have 'the girls' on the team to bounce ideas off of and get a different perspective. I am starting to get really good at asking for help. I suppose that means I am 'growing', the control freak in me is lessening, perhaps to prepare me a little better for motherhood. It still sucks though. I dont want to be an exhausted wreck when it finally comes time to get on a plane and bring back the most precious thing in the world. Anyway, when I know something you will too.


Paige said...

We just missed out little guys birthday, but I would be so happy for you if B makes it home in time for his! What a celebration that will be! I've been doing the same; working super hard to keep preoccupied. It makes the days/nights go faster. But, I have a second wind and hope we are at the home-stretch.

lisatony said...

Overwhelming... is an understatement. :) God bless you! Praying for our children!

Kathy W said...

Yep, overwhelming is an understatement. I hope we all keep the faith through the next few weeks and that our faith is rewarded.