Saturday, October 23, 2010

Holy Moly I have been gone long

Wow. Its been a few months since I posted last and things have been moving along nicely with M. She is rolling and eating cereal hates peaches but loves everything else. So Far. I learned something while M, Nana and I were on vacation visiting family in N.H. the beginning of October. Did you know that when you start babies on food you are supposed to do the vegetables first? I didn't. Not for any critical health reason, like veggies are less likely to trigger allergies or they are easier to digest or anything like that. But for a reason that totally makes 100% sense. If the baby starts out with fruit they get a taste for sweet and then wont eat the veggies (which are a little tart btw). Hmmm, of course noone TOLD me this but when I mention it everyone already KNOWS. Ah the joys of being oblivious to the obvious. M also has a bit of a flat spot, this girl will not stay on her tummy for anything, she rolls over almost immediately. It takes her longer when we have the towel under her but she still gets over. She is pushing up but, that pesky flatspot isnt going away fast enough for me.
On another note I just got done with the worst class so far with school. Mind you there have been some doozy weeks in there since I started in January but this entire 6 weeks was pure--icky. It was Business Statistics and frankly I don't see how some of this stuff is relevant to every day business. I found some things of value but for the path I am on the majority of it was just brain scramble on toast. I am soooo glad its over. Now .... on to Macroeconomics- doesnt that sound like fun. *sigh*