Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here we go again

Well it looks like we (B and the 65) are on the agenda for the KG parliment meeting tomorrow. Well, more like 'today' since they are 13 or so hrs ahead of us. Jeez I hope this turns into something good. The Yahoo Group has been a buzz with up to the minute entries from all of the news reels we watch. I have been looking too but havent seen anything that they havent already mentioned. (is in English) and is the translated link to Kenesh, one of the other news sites. I will keep you all informed when I know something else.

Since tomorrow is today over there it is also B's 1st birthday. He is a year old. I am sad to be missing this milestone but have faith that he will be here, with me, for his next birthday and every one after that. Its hard to believe it but its been over a year since I started this journey and I remember EXACTLY where I was when I got the call from J with his referral. I was so optimistic and thought things were moving so quickly. I got his referral and I hadnt even fishished my dossier! I worked so hard to get everything done and ready. When he was 3 months old (in October) I made my first trip. I though he would be home by Thanksgiving, Christmas at the latest. The delays were already beginning but the process hadn't come to a screaching halt until after my visit. We are still in the same situation waiting and waiting for something to happen. I was fortunate to visit him again in January and he was doing well. I havent seen him since but have gotten a couple of pictures. Not the same, but something. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers for me, and Porkchop and all the other kids that are waiting to come home.

Monday, June 22, 2009

This Just in:

Hello All,
I got this from one of the News websites I have been watching (along with the entire 65 group)

'Jun 23, 2009 at 14:00 pm deputies of parliament of Kyrgyzstan with the participation of lawyers from the United States will discuss the issue of international adoptions. '

Press-service of the Zhogorku Kenesh

I hope this turns out to be something good.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok so the news is flying

There have been numerous international articles written on the results of the DC meeting. ALL GOOD. The delegates have stated wonderful sentiments of children having better lives here than in the orphanages. Babies getting medical care that has given them new, healthier lives. The delegates that came to the meeting have become great advocates for us as we wait for something to get moving. They mentioned how we encourage and keep their heritage alive with books and stories of Kyrgyz, all things that we (the waiting families) have already committed to continuing. It really feels like positive things are happening. I still think they will wait til after the election (in July) to make any decisions so we are still waiting. J sent an email saying that our incountry source was told that things will start up again in 10 days. I am not as optimistic about that one. We have heard that before. I am still hanging in there.

I find that shopping therapy is good for the soul and I got some smokin deals at a Macys clearance center. I bought lots of different sizes of pants and long sleeved shirts to take to Kyrgyz when I go. I suppose the girls there were wondering why I bought 6 pairs of red pants (who needs 6 pairs of red pants..right?....) and sweaters and long sleeved tshirts with no regard for size. Most everything was under $3 the pants were $1.50.. cant beat it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Not a whole lot going on

Well, its been a while since I posted and, unfortunately, there really isnt anything new to say. We are still waiting for a decision on when (or if) the 65 waiting families will be finalized and we can go get the kiddos. The meeting went extremely well and the team of families was instrumental in changing the perception of IA from negative to positive for one of the delegates. They have responded via email to one of our spokesfamilies and said they would do everything they can to reunite us with our children. The yahoo group is listing that IA is on the agenda for the Parliment in June. We dont know if they will actually decide anything or if it will just be discussed. Even if they do decide to get things going we dont really anticipate any actual progress or any ability to travel until after the presidental election in late July. I am emailing J to see if B can visit the orphanage and get some updated pics of Porkchop. I am sad that he will be turning 1 without me. June 25 is coming up fast and there is no way he will be home for it. I will post more as soon as I know anything else.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers.