Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok so the news is flying

There have been numerous international articles written on the results of the DC meeting. ALL GOOD. The delegates have stated wonderful sentiments of children having better lives here than in the orphanages. Babies getting medical care that has given them new, healthier lives. The delegates that came to the meeting have become great advocates for us as we wait for something to get moving. They mentioned how we encourage and keep their heritage alive with books and stories of Kyrgyz, all things that we (the waiting families) have already committed to continuing. It really feels like positive things are happening. I still think they will wait til after the election (in July) to make any decisions so we are still waiting. J sent an email saying that our incountry source was told that things will start up again in 10 days. I am not as optimistic about that one. We have heard that before. I am still hanging in there.

I find that shopping therapy is good for the soul and I got some smokin deals at a Macys clearance center. I bought lots of different sizes of pants and long sleeved shirts to take to Kyrgyz when I go. I suppose the girls there were wondering why I bought 6 pairs of red pants (who needs 6 pairs of red pants..right?....) and sweaters and long sleeved tshirts with no regard for size. Most everything was under $3 the pants were $1.50.. cant beat it.

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Lori said...

I think all this news is great and can only mean great things! I'm also SO with you on retail therapy. Darn this economy! So many great deals out there, I can't even come close to taking advantage of them! :)