Saturday, August 22, 2009


Nothing is going on on the adoption front and to be honest, nothing going on on the life front. It seems like the stall in Kyrgz has stalled everything. My birthday came and went with no hoopla (thats good) and I havent had a vacation all year (thats bad). Ive been waiting to use all of my vacation for B's arrival since there isnt a maternity leave for adoption. Since we dont know when anything will move I have to do something. I hadnt realized how time moves on but I have just been doing the same thing. Checking the boards. Watching the email. Praying and hoping. Waiting Waiting for something, anything to happen. Now that I have come to that realization its time to do something about it. I have my vacation time requested and dont know where yet but I am going to DO something.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update from J

I got an email today from J (ABC Adoptions) that my profile is ready and they are getting ready to do some marketing and uploading of PAP profiles to the website. Mine happens to be one of them. I dont know if you are aware or not, but my international agency (Internation Child Foundation is beginning a domestic US program aka (ABC). woo hoo! I am saving some of the cost by sticking with them. I dont anticpate a 'quick' match but that's ok, since it gives me more time to get the funds together.

Still no news from the Kyrgz front. They had the election and we sort of knew who the 'winner' would be. Parliment takes the summer off so nothing will be presented to them til at least September. There is talk that some, for lack of a better term, 'ammendments' were drafted in hopes of changing the law in Feb that halted everything. From my understanding they are only written for the 65 waiting families but in reality, if we dont make it to the top of the Parliment's list for Sept we are probably looking at a long winter of waiting.

Thank you, my friends, for all your ongoing support. I agree with all of you when you tell me 'Why dont they see how this is affecting the children, and let you go get them.' Believe me. I completely agree. B is now 13 months old. I think about him every day. I hope he is doing well.