Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have GOT to quit spending money

The Chair!

I bought a new camera! Its a Nikon Coolpix P100 and very cool. In a previous post I mentioned my camera envy and my little 4 year old Canon was ok for taking general pics but when you have a moving squirming baby that youre trying to catch that smile, it just wasnt cutting it. So I invested in a camera that does movies, can take consecutive pics quickly and can zoom to the next block. lol.. And here are some pics from it. Punkin Runkin has been the focus of many a picture as I am working throught the adjustment.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shopping Take 2

Sheesh, I know I JUST went shopping but when an opportunity presents itself you have to jump on it. Pamela and Emmi were in town Monday. So, of course off to Anthem to the outlets we go.. our destination- Carters, OshKosh, Stride Rite and A childrens place. It was sooo fun meeting Pamela and Emmi in person. We have known each other 'virtually' for almost 2 years and have finally met.

First stop, lunch.. we were having a great time, Emmi wiggling in her Mommy's arms and Pamela, un-fazed, eating her salad and chatting. I on the other hand was holding Maddie, not so gracefully, on my left shoulder and trying to eat my salad. (for those of you who dont know I am LEFT handed) so I was holding on to Maddie with my right hand, over my left shoulder and trying to eat around her..picture that and THEN she PEED on me.! Yep came right out of the diaper, ran down her little leg and fell off her knee onto my shirt. Hmm. Thanks baby. We are definitely going back to the gDiapers! So off to the bathroom we go, Maddie gets a wardrobe change and Mommy gets a wet wipe blotting--all the while thinking I hope I dont smell like pee all day, that will suck. Well, a little trivia for you all.. baby pee doesnt smell. Yay. So back to the table we go, finish lunch then off to the outlets.

I was armed with my trusty coupons (20% off at Carters and OshKosh) that I had printed out for each of us (Me, Mom and Pamela) and the 20% off one I got from the Carters outlet in El Paso, we started out. We sort of did a divide an conquer and scoped out the store and loaded up the strollers with all the goods. I restrained myself quite well I think, I spent under 100. Now Pamela on the other hand.. that girl can shop. Good thing we had the coupons. While we were there I saw another gal getting a bunch of stuff and I offered her one of the extra coupons that I had, she had the cutest little girl who wanted to 'see the baby'. Unbeknownst to both of us we had emailed a couple of years ago when she had questions about my agency. The little girl is from Kaz and is absolutely beautiful. So we finished up in Carters and then were off to the food court for a break.. shopping is hard work and if you dont think so then you are doing it wrong! *lol* We finally had a chance to get some pics and I have camera envy now, thanks Pamela. One more wardrobe change.. this time because it was so HOT and we were off again. Found a cute store with some really unique stuff Naartjie and shopped there a while. It was getting late so just one quick run through Childrens Place and we were out of there. Babies tired and sleeping in the carseat. It was soooooo wonderful to spend time with them finally. It was a GREAT day.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I remember the days when 'Shopping' was a spur of the moment, what can I buy (for myself), shop til I drop sort of excursion. Well, the times have changed. It takes a bit to get Punkin runkin's --'stuff' ready and then I usually dont time it right (I take too long) so the minute we get her in the carseat its time for her to eat again. Well that was the story this afternoon. We were going to Babies R us to redeem the giftcards and use the 20% off coupon (Thanks Becky) for THE CHAIR and ottoman. Woo Hoo. We werent too sure the coupon would fly since the chair had to be ordered, and usually the coupons there are no good for diapers, formula, and some of the big ticket name brand items that people really want a deal, the list of things you can't buy with it takes up half the coupon. Whats the point of giving out coupons if they wont save you significantly. But, I imagine my suprise when the guy putting the order in says Yes you can use the coupon, OMG really! Sure and if you 'apply for this card' you get another 10%.. and its no interest no payment for 6 months... hmmmm 30% ... just what I need one more credit card. Historically I am a big fan of the 6 months no interest gimmick, I think of it as layaway that I get to bring home. lol...So I walked away with 30% off my rocker and 10% off the ottoman (the 20% was for ONE item). Two gift cards later and I am forking over a whopping 72.00 for this chair an ottoman. Did I mention how much my friends ROCK!!! I get it in a week... but thats not all.. mom and I had been talking about getting a bouncy seat for P. R. since she slides down on the (borrowed) swing that we love. She's just too tiny for it. They had a deal going on with buy this swing (or highchair) and get the bouncy free.
How cool is that. This swing goes 3 different ways- side to side, or it turns left, or turns right. Well since I had a second 20% off coupon that brought the cost down for that too.. AND on top of that since I am signed up at Strongmoms I got coupons for Similac Advance formula for $5 off and a free 8 pack of 2oz ready to feed bottles.
I think today was better than the day I found the cool Coach Diaper bag at the outlet (in El Paso Tx) for 70% off.

I Do love shopping!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet and greet

Wow do I have some great friends. Remember 'the chair' I mentioned a few posts ago? Well the giftcard total is almost enough to get it. I am soooo blessed to have these people in my life. So a BIG thank you to Becky, Tari, Joe, Mark, Emily, Jane & Michelle for a wonderful day and the very generous gift. I am sure M and I will have lots of times rocking the night away! Nana is excited too. She cant wait til we get it. For now here are some pics of the day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the video yesterday and pics today

Here are some more pics. Not much going on today just hanging with Lil-bit and Mom. So I thought I would post some pics. We have a big day tomorrow M's Meet and Greet and are excited about that. She is so awesome and I am so blessed to be her Mommy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Weeks today

Well, Lil-Bit is 5 weeks today. This is vid of her last week some time. I guess I didnt program the date time stamp on the video camera. She is doing awesome. I will post more pictures of her but figured this would (hopefully) be a good filler between pictures. She is so alert and active.. I have more video (suprise suprise) but am still trying to get the best clips. Of course 'I' never look as fabulous and will probably have to put a little more effort into my appearance if I am to allow some of the other videos out of the house. lol.

I had a busy week for work this week. Unfortunately, my company doesnt have 'maternity leave' persay and I didnt want to take unpaid time so I am now back to work. I was fortunate to be able to work in some home office time but it is still hard to juggle working, and taking care of her.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Maddie's Meet and Greet

My friend B is having a 'meet and greet' for Maddie. When we thought Ben was coming home we had a shower and I got alot of things that have been just stored and waiting for child to play with. So I told B that I really didn't need another 'shower'. I have gotten so many things from friends (thanks T, K and E) that Maddie's closet is stuffed. So, in honor of Maddie's homecoming I wanted just to have a time to introduce my daughter (jeez I like saying that) to all my friends that have been with me this past 2 years. So the meet and greet is on.. Next Sunday the 19th at B's house. I am excited to show her off.

She has changed so much since she was born. I was looking at her first pictures and she was sooo tiny. Putting her 1 month picture in the frame. I think she almost has a double chin!!! I bought a scrapbook and am slowly trying to figure out how how to do this scrapbooking. I am much more 'technically inclined' and should probably just use one of the online scrapbooking websites. The book I bought is sooooo cute though. I will figure this out. If there are any scrapbookers out there I would love some tips.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oooh I need this chair

We had an outing the other day. Out to lunch with S at PF Chang's it was yummy. We fed M before we left for lunch and wanted to go to babies r us to get some microwave sterilizer bags. Well, once we got there we lost track of time looking at all the cute stuff and it was soon time to feed M. So rather than leave the store (we absolutely were not done looking around) I copped a squat (well not literally) in the MOST comfortable rocker/glider I have been in. They have a plethora of gliders in that store and M and I tried out a couple through her 3 ounces. This one is the Serenity Classic and has an ottoman with it. Its a bit spendy ($360 + $140 for the ottoman) but mom says its an 'investment' we will be rocking for years in this thing. Good point. Leave it to Mom to help me justify such a purchase. The closet may have to wait, I think this is soooo much more important to spend the money on.