Friday, June 4, 2010

Maddie's Meet and Greet

My friend B is having a 'meet and greet' for Maddie. When we thought Ben was coming home we had a shower and I got alot of things that have been just stored and waiting for child to play with. So I told B that I really didn't need another 'shower'. I have gotten so many things from friends (thanks T, K and E) that Maddie's closet is stuffed. So, in honor of Maddie's homecoming I wanted just to have a time to introduce my daughter (jeez I like saying that) to all my friends that have been with me this past 2 years. So the meet and greet is on.. Next Sunday the 19th at B's house. I am excited to show her off.

She has changed so much since she was born. I was looking at her first pictures and she was sooo tiny. Putting her 1 month picture in the frame. I think she almost has a double chin!!! I bought a scrapbook and am slowly trying to figure out how how to do this scrapbooking. I am much more 'technically inclined' and should probably just use one of the online scrapbooking websites. The book I bought is sooooo cute though. I will figure this out. If there are any scrapbookers out there I would love some tips.


Lori said...

I do Creative Memories computer scrapbooking and then have it printed and sent. Love it!

Beth said...

Thanks Lori :).. I will check it out!

Allison said...

I second the Creative Memories digital scrapbooking. Also, we need some new pics of your beautiful little girl!! You can't tease us and tell us how big she is getting without showing us proof;)