Friday, June 18, 2010


I remember the days when 'Shopping' was a spur of the moment, what can I buy (for myself), shop til I drop sort of excursion. Well, the times have changed. It takes a bit to get Punkin runkin's --'stuff' ready and then I usually dont time it right (I take too long) so the minute we get her in the carseat its time for her to eat again. Well that was the story this afternoon. We were going to Babies R us to redeem the giftcards and use the 20% off coupon (Thanks Becky) for THE CHAIR and ottoman. Woo Hoo. We werent too sure the coupon would fly since the chair had to be ordered, and usually the coupons there are no good for diapers, formula, and some of the big ticket name brand items that people really want a deal, the list of things you can't buy with it takes up half the coupon. Whats the point of giving out coupons if they wont save you significantly. But, I imagine my suprise when the guy putting the order in says Yes you can use the coupon, OMG really! Sure and if you 'apply for this card' you get another 10%.. and its no interest no payment for 6 months... hmmmm 30% ... just what I need one more credit card. Historically I am a big fan of the 6 months no interest gimmick, I think of it as layaway that I get to bring home. lol...So I walked away with 30% off my rocker and 10% off the ottoman (the 20% was for ONE item). Two gift cards later and I am forking over a whopping 72.00 for this chair an ottoman. Did I mention how much my friends ROCK!!! I get it in a week... but thats not all.. mom and I had been talking about getting a bouncy seat for P. R. since she slides down on the (borrowed) swing that we love. She's just too tiny for it. They had a deal going on with buy this swing (or highchair) and get the bouncy free.
How cool is that. This swing goes 3 different ways- side to side, or it turns left, or turns right. Well since I had a second 20% off coupon that brought the cost down for that too.. AND on top of that since I am signed up at Strongmoms I got coupons for Similac Advance formula for $5 off and a free 8 pack of 2oz ready to feed bottles.
I think today was better than the day I found the cool Coach Diaper bag at the outlet (in El Paso Tx) for 70% off.

I Do love shopping!!!


Ann said...

I am coming shopping with you! You sound like you are the Queen of deals.

Jackie said...

AWESOME!! Can't wait to see the chair :) Oh, it will take a while to get your groove and get out of the house in a timely fashion, with all that you need, but you'll get there soon enough. Enjoy!

Allison said...

Baby shopping is the best!! I can't believe the good deals you scored and can't wait to see you rocking sweet M inyour new chair.

Sara said...

Okay, this is so weird. I met you today. I was in Carters w/ you. You gave me a coupon in line. You and I corresponded months (years?) ago about Kyrg and ICF. Our daughter is from Kaz (she was the crazy one running all over the store today.) I kept staring at you because I was like: I think that is Beth. But I wasn't sure. Wow. Your little girl is GORGEOUS. My gosh. So funny to have run into you at the store. I came home and was like: I just have to check her blog to see if that was her. So funny. Hopefully you don't think I'm crazy! Congratulations again on your gorgeous new addition, and thanks again for the coupon :-)

Beth said...

ooooohh You should have said something. Trust me, that would not make me think you are crazy. I was handing out coupons to strangers.. I am suprised YOU didnt think I was crazy, or maybe you did. lol. I had no idea. Thank you. It is such a small world!