Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet and greet

Wow do I have some great friends. Remember 'the chair' I mentioned a few posts ago? Well the giftcard total is almost enough to get it. I am soooo blessed to have these people in my life. So a BIG thank you to Becky, Tari, Joe, Mark, Emily, Jane & Michelle for a wonderful day and the very generous gift. I am sure M and I will have lots of times rocking the night away! Nana is excited too. She cant wait til we get it. For now here are some pics of the day!


Jackie said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I can't wait to see the new chair with you rocking your sweet babe :)

Tammy said...

She is so beautiful! You will ALL enjoy that new chair LOL! Expect to take some naps together in it!

It is hard to juggle work and parenting. You never feel like you can give 100% to either one. But things will get better once she gets older. You will get into a routine. My son is 17 months and it has gotten so easy now that he only takes one nap a day and life is easy easy easy! Once she sleeps through the night, things will just start to flow.

I have also found that things at work just don't matter as much anymore. I spend as much time as I can with my son in the morning and try to get out of work as soon as possible to have some time with him in the evening.

I can tell you are enjoying every second with your beautiful girl. That is good because they grow so fast! In July I will have had mys on for a year and the time has just flown by. Those first 8 months or so were really a blur.

Lori said...

She is JUST precious!