Monday, June 21, 2010

Shopping Take 2

Sheesh, I know I JUST went shopping but when an opportunity presents itself you have to jump on it. Pamela and Emmi were in town Monday. So, of course off to Anthem to the outlets we go.. our destination- Carters, OshKosh, Stride Rite and A childrens place. It was sooo fun meeting Pamela and Emmi in person. We have known each other 'virtually' for almost 2 years and have finally met.

First stop, lunch.. we were having a great time, Emmi wiggling in her Mommy's arms and Pamela, un-fazed, eating her salad and chatting. I on the other hand was holding Maddie, not so gracefully, on my left shoulder and trying to eat my salad. (for those of you who dont know I am LEFT handed) so I was holding on to Maddie with my right hand, over my left shoulder and trying to eat around her..picture that and THEN she PEED on me.! Yep came right out of the diaper, ran down her little leg and fell off her knee onto my shirt. Hmm. Thanks baby. We are definitely going back to the gDiapers! So off to the bathroom we go, Maddie gets a wardrobe change and Mommy gets a wet wipe blotting--all the while thinking I hope I dont smell like pee all day, that will suck. Well, a little trivia for you all.. baby pee doesnt smell. Yay. So back to the table we go, finish lunch then off to the outlets.

I was armed with my trusty coupons (20% off at Carters and OshKosh) that I had printed out for each of us (Me, Mom and Pamela) and the 20% off one I got from the Carters outlet in El Paso, we started out. We sort of did a divide an conquer and scoped out the store and loaded up the strollers with all the goods. I restrained myself quite well I think, I spent under 100. Now Pamela on the other hand.. that girl can shop. Good thing we had the coupons. While we were there I saw another gal getting a bunch of stuff and I offered her one of the extra coupons that I had, she had the cutest little girl who wanted to 'see the baby'. Unbeknownst to both of us we had emailed a couple of years ago when she had questions about my agency. The little girl is from Kaz and is absolutely beautiful. So we finished up in Carters and then were off to the food court for a break.. shopping is hard work and if you dont think so then you are doing it wrong! *lol* We finally had a chance to get some pics and I have camera envy now, thanks Pamela. One more wardrobe change.. this time because it was so HOT and we were off again. Found a cute store with some really unique stuff Naartjie and shopped there a while. It was getting late so just one quick run through Childrens Place and we were out of there. Babies tired and sleeping in the carseat. It was soooooo wonderful to spend time with them finally. It was a GREAT day.


Jackie said...

Beautiful mommies, cute babies, AND shopping ... what a perfect day!!

Lori said...

LOVE it!!!! You ladies and those babies are absolutely sugar for my soul!!!!

Pamela said...

Love this post! Sorry for the delay in checking the blog...been a tad busy lately with no time for bloggin.

DITTO on the fun time! Can't wait til we see you guys again and Madelyn can acutually grab Emerson instead of the other way around! ;-)