Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Muddy weekend

If you have noticed my other blog wrote on there that I went to Mexico a couple of weekends ago. The car was only 2 weeks old and it had quite the trial. I have some friends that have a house on the Sea of Cortez on the western coast of Mexico. Anyway there arent any asphalt roads out there, just dirt and theres no electricity, everyone has solar panels (yeah environment!) Anyway it rained Saturday night and was muddy. We had to drive on this muddy road to get out. I was following an Expidition that was fishtailing in the mud and was, quite freaked out and nervous about how the Murano was going to handle the mud. The Xterra (which was only front wheel drive) would not have been any good but the Murano worked well ! I guess it was a good test of the AWD. I am more and more happy with this new car. We got home safely and it got a good bath and is all clean. Yay!

Nothing new on Kyrgyztan, there is always talk but not much action. We will see what the next set of meetings brings.

On the domestic front I am networking and staying hopeful.

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Kimberly said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
Your description of what's happening in Kyrgyz is so appropriate! Lots of talk - no action!!! UGH!!