Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two more

Last night I was cruising the list of 'favorites' and found a couple of situations I am interested in. I sent off my info, thank goodness I have electronic copies of everything, and will have to wait and see if these referral agencies and birthmother think I am a good fit for the situation. With the new agency its a waiting game, they do all the matching so, birthmothers will review my 'stats' and choose. Don't get me wrong it is a wonderful process but its a little different for me. When I first started this adoption journey I was in the situation of an orphan child who needed a home and 'bam' I was matched. This process is a little different and I am thrilled that there is truly a choice for the birthmother. The last couple of months (well since I lost B in October) I have been proactively checking available situations online. I joined a couple of referral agencies to open up my networking and have found a few situations. None have worked out yet, but I am hopeful that this new combination of proactively searching and a new agency will mean the difference in building my family this year. I am Optimistic. :)


Lori said...

With you all the way!

Ann said...

Thoughts, Hugs, Prayers... Hope this is the Year for a family for you and for all of us.

Jackie said...

Many fingers crossed for you :)