Monday, April 27, 2009


Jeez, there is still nothing to report. They had their meeting and discovered some discrepancies. We really have NO idea what is going on. Nothing solid is coming from the powers that be, so we all just keep waiting to hear something solid. B has turned 10 months old without me. I am still hopeful that we will hear something sooner rather than later. I hope we will hear something positive. T came back from her visit with M and had some pics. B has 2 little teeth! So cute. He looks good. I have not been able to stop my shopping habit however. I went to PS for work and there is an outlet mall there. Needless to say there were some smokin' deals at C#$ters and I couldnt help myself. I did get some bigger sizes 12-18 months they should be ok. Fortunately, I dont have to worry about weather since its warm here all the time. Keep the prayers coming!


Christina said...

Happy Belated 10 Month Birthday to B.

Becky said...

Happy 10mos B. I hope your mommy can come and get you very soon.