Monday, May 24, 2010

6 lbs 4 oz!

M had her first appointment with her new pediatrician today. Dr G was awesome she was totally open to my questions and understanding when I said that I didnt really have any medical history (yet). B-mom was adopted from the foster care system in TX so she doesn't really have anything and B-dad told the agency he would work on the history but so far we haven't gotten anything. I told her so far things are wonderful. M's little 'outie' bellybutton is a bit herniated but doc said that it wasn't anything to be concerned about. She has gained a ton (well not really 'a ton') but is now 6 pounds 4 oz. Woo hoo! Thats up from her discharge weight of 4 lbs 15 oz. I expected her back to her birthweight (5lb 2oz) and am glad she is doing 'amazingly' according to the doctor. I told her about the situation and about M's exposure during the beginning couple of months. We have our next appt in two months. Our job til then is tummy time and keep eating.


Allison said...

Big girl!! Sounds like things are fantastic. Would love to see some pics of little M and the new mommy together (hint, hint). Still so, so happy for you!

Lori said...

Hooray for weight gain!!! xoxo