Sunday, May 30, 2010

Closet systems

I suppose now is the time to add some organization to Maddie's closet. Its just one of those reach in's that go the entire length of one wall and has one shelf and one hanging bar. I am trying to get something inexpensive but not 'cheap'. I looked at the IKEA PAX system of closets and can put one together for around $1000 or I can go with the Lowe's Home Options storage solutions. The Options one looks a bit more sturdy and adjustable and might be a little cheaper since it has a couple of starter kits, at $250 a pop, that I can put in the closet then fill in the middle. Either way its looking like around a grand. Then the next question...can I put this in myself or do I have my handyman do it. Its more $$ but less headache. I have one week more off work.. the time has flown by.


Lori said...

I'd go with the Lowe's option--what we did for Matthew's room and it wasn't too much of a headache, either...they were good about giving suggestions. Can't wait to see pictures!

Jackie said...

I look forward to pictures, too. I would love to do something similar to Nola's closet.