Friday, May 14, 2010

New theme

Well, I changed the theme again. Pink seems to be my favorite color these days. (I wonder why *grin*) I am sure at some point pink will go back to its original standing, green is my usual favorite, but for now-pink it is. Last night M woke up every 3 hours like clockwork and was eating just shy of 2 ounces. She eats so much better when I stay on schedule. Yesterday we had a litle run of an ounce about every 1 1/2 hour. I was having flashbacks from Monday (up at every whimper and noise) but I think I actually got some segmented sleep. Yay. She is eating good. She is now laying here on the hotel sofa with me in her little swaddler (my little burrito). We give her some stretchy time and she likes sucking on her fingers. She had her first mani yesterday, jeez those fingernails are tiny.. we used the emery board (good tip on doing while she sleeps) I couldnt bring myself to use the clipper. I was going to do her feet (Mommy loves a good mani pedi) but they were fine and must be a bit ticklish because everytime I touch them she pulls her feet away from me.

We are still in TX and have not heard anything from the Agency with regards to BM. We were hoping to meet her but only have today left, for the Agency to facilitate a meeting. She hasnt been in contact with the Agency at all. We left a gift for her at the agency and they will keep it for her til she can come get it. Mom and I were shopping on Mothers day and found a ring/necklace/earrings set of emeralds (May birthstone) that was just perfect, so we separated it. BM told the SW that she liked earrings so she will be getting the earrings, I am a ring person so I will keep the ring and M will have a beautiful new necklace to remember her BM and the bond we three will always have.

We are getting excited to go to CPR/Carseat class tomorrow and then heading home on Sunday. We are missing the dogs and home. We keep talking about what their reaction is going to be.

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Jeanne said...

Oh, I love the birthstone "triad" idea. I may just borrow it someday. :)