Monday, May 10, 2010

May 5 2010

On May 5, I had the opportunity to talk to baby's birthfather. He had some questions for me and expressed that this is a very hard decison but wanted to talk to me and get to know me a little bit. It was a great call, even though I was nervous talking to him and didnt know what to say. He told me his concerns and I was honest with him and spoke from my heart. By the end of the call he told me that birthmom had made the right choice in an adoptive mother and that although he considers 2 parent families ideal the most important parent is the mother. He assured me he would make his decision soon.

The next day I waited on pins and needles calling the agency a couple of times to see if they had talked to birthfather. They had, he told them he would make his decison Friday, and he wanted to talk to me again. I called him and he told me that he had made his decision but wanted to be the one to tell me that he had decided that he would sign the papers and allow me to raise the baby. WHEW I was scared, but also felt that he loves this baby enough to make sure that I was the right family for her.

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Kimberly said...

Oh my gosh Beth - i am so excited for you! So has the baby been born? Congrats!