Saturday, May 15, 2010

So much for a 'schedule'

So we had a wonderful night (M up like clockwork every 3 hours--change, feed then back to bed) and I thought we were home free this was the mysterious 'schedule' the nurses were talking about at the hospital. Not so much.. she was up and down last night an ounce here, an ounce there and finally at 4 am 2 ounces and zonk. We got up bright an early and got ready to go to class. It was nice to get out into the world after being in the hotel and only leaving for a walk and to go to the store. M came with us to he Hospital for the Baby U classes and we got a new convertible carseat. The instructor suggested we leave M in the infant carrier/carseat for a few pounds but then we can move on to the convertible. Cool.

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Becky said...

I'm glad you took a car seat class, it seems so confusing at first.

What convertible did you get? Many don't fit newborns well, even though the weight limit is 5lbs+. When rear facing you want the harness just at or below the shoulders to prevent ride up in a crash. S othats why newborns generally don't fit into convertible car seats, the harness is too high for the baby to be safely in the seat.

If you have car seat questions, you can email me! Its one of my 'things'. :)
Something to google= Extended Rear facing. Also and find a CPST in your area/event in your are to help you install the seats properly and teach you how. I don'tk now what your class covered or who it was taught by, but the CPST's are safe kids certified and super helpful, and up to speed on the newest recommendations nad requirements.