Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hmm.. alot going on

So theres been alot going on the past couple of months and it all seems to have come to a head. To get you up to speed, we need to back up a bit. In mid-February I signed up with Heart to Heart and towards the end of February signed up with a referral agency 'A bundle of Joy' after spotting a situation on their website that looked interesting to me. The situation? A birthmother in Texas due May 6 unknown gender, she was asking for couples from her agency but opened up her criteria when ABoJ got the situation. Around St Patricks day I got a call from A bundle of Joy telling me that the birthmother in TX had picked me!! I had a few weeks to get all the paperwork ready and started yet another paper flurry. Adoption Angels in San Antonio is my new agency and oh boy, frantic paper work, updated homestudy, FBI prints (again) all bring us up to now. The past 3 weeks have been a bit hectic. At first the agency couldnt find the BF then they were able to contact him and he told them he would sign.. Yay.. all things moving forward. He never did, he himmed and hawed kept saying 'I will sign Monday' all the while increasing my anxiety. Fast forward to Friday... he told the attorney that he didnt want to sign. I am freaking out now. And today is Sunday.. I talked to the attorney again today he said that the BF has changed his mind again and is now considering the adoption but wants to talk to BM first. I suppose we will see what the week ahead will show.

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Allison said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! I can't imagine how excited/anxious/nervous you must feel. I hope and pray that this is your baby. Keep us updated and I'll be saying prayers for you and for the birthfamily.