Friday, May 21, 2010

We're Home!

After I called ICPC we got them what they needed and POOF 3 hours later we were on the road. I wish I would have called on Tuesday! Anyway there was some communication gaps (go figure) and no follow up (there's no exuse for that one) AZ and NY are the only two states that require the adoptive family to be state 'certified' to adopt. That was one of the miscommunicaton points. So I talked to ICPC, ICF and got what they needed to send in. Then sent in the bill from the TX agency all to the ICPC guy and 5 minutes later.... I am not kidding.... literally 5 minutes later he called me and said that I was good to go and that he had emailed the TX ICPC guy. Although AZ said I could leave, I couldnt since TX didnt give me the go ahead. So, I called the agency and told them that AZ had called me. They called TX and an hour and a half later.. poof I get the call that we have been waiting for. Yay we can leave. We had started packing the car when I got the call from AZ so we just had one more trip (it took THREE) and load up M and hit the road.

We stopped in Tucson to see friends and eat dinner then back on the road. Here are some pics of the night.

So we are home, the dogs are freaking out, they really have no idea what this little noisemaker is, and are very whiny, I think M is a little scared of the noise. I am going to keep a close eye on them and try to limit the contact for a little bit and let her get used to the new noises. The hotel was quiet (with the exception of the TV) so there are alot of new things for her to get used to. They are so excited that we are home after such a long trip.


Lori said...

SO glad you girls are HOME!

Jackie said...

Welcome HOME, and enjoy!!!

Kimberly said...

Welcome home! Hope you are settling in!

Maria said...

Good golly she is SO CUTE!!! Welcome back home!!