Friday, August 1, 2008


Mom and I got our shots today. Three for her and four for me, to the tune of 687 bucks. We got Malaria medication to start the week before we go (enough to cover both trips) some antibiotics (Cipro) and vaccinations for Hep A, Tetanus, and Typhoid. We both had the Hep B series so didnt need to get those. In addition, I got the MMR shot. Although I got the vaccination back in 'the day' when all little kids got it (Mom brought my vaccination records from 1969) the nurse said that it is recommended to have 1 more time in adulthood especially if I am traveling out of the country. I dont want to be sick at all.. I am a big baby when I am sick and, admittedly a bit cranky so I will do almost anything to avoid it. I was flying from CA this week and saw in the SkyMall catalog this handy ultraviolet water purifier thingy that you just stick in water for 20 seconds (or something) and it kills all the germs in the water. I mentioned it to the nurse and wouldnt you know it.. they sell them there at the clinic. She said that it would kill everything but cautioned us it would only work with clear liquids. So it wouldnt work with coffee. She gave us this great booklet on Kyrgyzstan that will be very helpful.

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