Monday, August 4, 2008

Airline miles hmmmm whats all the hype about.

I am trying to book trip one to go meet porkchop and since I travel so much (soon to stop) I have points on USairways and NWA. I called them and turns out I cant use miles for the trip. Whats the point.. i have used them before for trips for friends visiting but have found that when I really want to use them (like for holiday travel or A TRIP TO MEET MY SON, i cant. grrr. I have posted the question on the groups and got some GREAT ideas. I want to book the first trip as cheaply as possible since who knows if I will have a 'firm' date to pick him up. I have learned that with international adoption there are no guarantees, at all. Court dates are being changed and delayed so familes are finding themselves in a 'last minute' travel predicament. You know me, I'm a planner so I want to know whats coming up. I have gotten some good ideas from the other members of the groups (thanks ladies). I think I will work it out to use points to fly to either: NYC, Washington DC, or LAX and then pay for the rest of the trip. Average is about 1600 per ticket, but that is a far cry from the 2600-4600 if I book from PHX. I will let you know when the plans are made.. btw I am meeting L tomorrow to hand deliver my dossier. I am excited to meet her and pick her brain on whats next on the paper front.

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