Saturday, August 30, 2008

I love email.

Ok, so I got two great emails this morning. One from L saying that she got my translated dossier..Yay and one from J with more pics.. double Yay.. He looks great, chubby cheeks, a little rash on the side of his face (not enough to be concerned about) same eyes ...same nose.. dressed,... well I dont know what to say about the outfit. He will defintely be better dressed when he comes home. So now the dossier is on its way to J at the agency then she sends it to the DOS/EMB, and I am eternally grateful to a wonderful couple (C and J) for getting the pictures for me. BTW (for Betsy) I got the comforter set at Its only online, not in stores. I may post again later.. starting to get back in the groove. lol.

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