Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dossier Dropped off.- its out of my hands now

Let me tell you the comfort I felt in hand delivering my dossier to L. at Global Dossier. I was fortunate to be very close to L (geographically) and took those precious pieces of paper (all 4 copies) to her and be able to visit, hear her adoption stories, and meet her wonderful family. We never know how small the world really is until we meet someone we have been 'talking to' in this virtual world, face to face and get to know them. Turns out L's husband is employed with the same company I am and they live close to the facility I have taught a class at for 4 years. We talked about challenges with the process, challenges with adoption of a child from a foreign country, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. L was teasing me a little because I kept touching the papers that would bring my son home, the papers I had worked so hard on to make perfect, and took so long to get. She just smiled at me and said 'I'll take good care of them' , and I know she will..

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Maria said...

Hurrah!!! Another milestone crossed off. You are so much closer!!