Sunday, August 31, 2008

34 days and counting

Thirty four days till we leave. I have such a busy September the time will go quickly. I am still trying to get all the things I want to take with me for the orphange. I know they need diapers and have already bought some warmer clothes to take. If porkchop's outfit in the pictures I got yesterday is any indication of what they have I need to do some more shopping. My thoughts are with those families waiting for girls and making the decision to be open to a boy or girl. There are a multitude of reasons for choosing a gender, all understandable. I left my choice up to whoever needed me first. I will admit, I assumed I would be referred a girl (since I am one and I am a single woman) but did not give it a second thought when J called me and told me about a baby boy that would soon be my son.

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