Monday, January 19, 2009

Work update

Those of you who have come along with me throughout this LONG journey know that my current job consists of alot of travel in the US. As everyone knows, alot of travel and a baby at home is not the desired scenario for parenthood. My company has been working through some changes (the economy of course) and we were told at the end of 2008 that we would be losing 3000 jobs this year. Dont worry, I am not part of the 3000. We had an announcement today that makes me feel a little better. A new realignment puts all of us that work on the same product together. Yay. The division is going to grow too. We are anticipating adding and hopefully there will be something that will be less travel. I have traveled for almost 5 years with this job and I love it but my life is about to change for the better and I dont want to travel anymore.

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