Friday, January 23, 2009

Obsessed--and a nugget of news

I know I am not the target audience for this series of books (have you heard the term 'tween'?). Anyway I have read all of them and they are really pretty good.. ok really good. So good that I have seen the movie twice and am not opposed at all to seeing it again.. I have the 'twilight' soundtrack on my Ipod and am constantly going to to find out the latest on the next movie (New Moon--starts filming in March 09). It seems I have a second obsession, B is my first of course, but I need some distraction. The books are 1-Twilight 2- New Moon 3-Eclipse 4- Breaking Dawn. It is of course a bit of a love story (between a 17 y/o girl and a vampire) with a bit of suspense and drama intertwined. There are parts of the books that just grab you and you cant put the darn things down.. I was up til 1 or 2 in the morning STILL reading. They are big books but a pretty easy read. Put it to you this way, I travel for my work, so I am on a plane almost every Monday and Friday and have 2 or 3 hrs of downtime those days and some evenings to read. I finished all four books in 2 weeks. I had to buy one in Wisconsin and got the others at the airport as soon as I fished one. They were suggested by a friend of mine (who also travels--and is not a 'tween' either) and I have gotten at least 1 of my friends hooked. He went through all of them in a WEEK! He is also the one that has seen the movie with me twice, hehe.
On another note... got news today that some people were fired in Kyrgz (the Minister and Vice Minister of the MOE ) these were the people (rumored) contributing to the delays we have been seeing. I dont know if its true or not but they were rumored to be against IA. We dont know what this means yet or if more will be fired but are told that the adoption files are being transferred to the Committee for social Protection by the end of Feb. I dont know what this means either. We are hoping for some more info on that, either this weekend or next week. The next thing is that the Krygz Ambassador (to the US) is heading to Kyrtz now and has IA adoption on her agenda, so we should hear in a few more days what she finds out.
This must be said..Our agency and coordinators (both here in the US and in Kyrgz) are awesome. They have been working tirelessly for us and I know the frustration (I am living it too). Its a great feeling when you shoot them an email and can say .. 'I'm not happy but thank you for continuing to try, I appreciate it' and really mean it.
Always Hopeful--


Kim said...


You've sold me. Something to read on the plane when we all get the good news.

I've also decided to quit stalking and say hello, I frequent your journal. It has brought me a lot of calmness. Thank You

Kathy W said...

I've left a couple messages but I too need to say what Kim said. This adoption process has been a very rough road, but your blog has had some of the most reliable news available and it has let me sleep easier some nights. I truly appreciate what you are doing. Here's to keeping faith that our kids will be home soon!

Kathy W

Lori said...

Oh, I SOOOOO agree with the whole Twilight deal...and I TOTALLY felt guilty being so in love with TWEEN books...but guilty PLEASURE! I loved The Host too...Did you go to her web site and read the excerpt from another book she was writing...about things from Edward's point of view? If not, GO! GO NOW. Get ready to read about 200 pages. OF YUMMY!!!! It's wonderful. I think she was calling it Midnight Sun or something, but apparently there was some leak and she decided to just print what she had on her site on her own terms. You'll love it and TOTALLY wish for more!

AND...I ALSO think your adoption caseworkers are AWESOME. I wish, wish, wish they were mine. But, I am thankful they are humanitarian in their spirit and share information with people who aren't with their agency too...
Your little B has wonderful people on his side!!!