Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello London

Well, after a nap, I am up for the day in London. T isnt here (at the hotel) yet but I saw that her flight landed about 45 minutes ago so she should be here soon. A little tip for those of you traveling through London and need to stay overnight. There is a Hilton within walking distance of Terminal 4. I came in on Continental and we arrived at Terminal 4. I was a bit worried since I have 3 big bags and am traveling alone but they have carts and it was an easy walk (felt good after a 6 hr flight) to the hotel. I got to the hotel around 7am and they let me check in early, really early since normal check in is 3pm. The electricity here at the hotel is compatible with the US so I dont need to worry about blowing up my computer. I used Hilton Honor points for all of our 'layover' stays. The sun is shining, its going to be a good day.


Pamela said...

So glad to hear that you made it safely to London, which is one of my favorite cities. Hope the next leg of the trip to Bishkek goes smoothly.

Jeanne said...

Hope the rest of your trip goes as smoothly! Looking forward to reading about your visit.

Lori said...

Glad you are there safe...wating with breath held to hear about every second of your trip....take care, be safe, and I hope every second is exactly what you want it to be!!!!!

Amanda said...

So glad you made it to London without any problems,I was born in London so it holds a special place in my heart.
Cant wait to follow your next leg of your trip,enjoy each and every momemt with your son, we are all holding our breath and saying prayers that we will all get good news soon

Suzanne said...

Hi Beth.

I am new to your blog but Jackie told me about your upcoming trip and I have been in contact with Teresa. Our baby girl, Altynai (Addison) is in Tokmok. I am so grateful for that some American Moms are going to be there this week. I will be following your blog closely. Safe travels!

Suzanne Bilyeu