Thursday, January 22, 2009

No news

No news yet. J has started sending us waiting families updates alot more often we got one yesterday and today. T talked with someone at the Prime Ministers office and to J at the MOE. The woman at the Prime Minister's office told her that she didnt know J wasnt signing letters and to call her back tomorrow. J said that they are also considering becoming a Hague country, so she suggestd T call her back next week. T was going to make some calls to Senators and the woman at the Prime Minister's office to see what the latest is. J also suggested T talk to the MOE who, rumor has it.. and only rumor, that the MOE isnt very keen on adoption. She will try to talk to them. I have every confidence in T, she turned a Senator around with her explanation and advocacy for the children, I hope she can advocate for the children again with the head of the MOE.
Do you ever think...... I'm gonna look back on this and Laugh about it-someday? Well thats I'm thinking.. soon, I will be playing with my son laughing at something funny he does and I will think--Last January I was so frustrated waiting but here he is...... home.


Amanda said...


We are so glad that you are here giving us updates,until we read your post we had heard NOTHING from our agency.
Please do keep us all updated,gppd or bad it is so hard not hearing any thing.
Glad you had a wonderful visit with your son.

Christina said...

It just plain bites right now with the lack of movement and all of our babies are suffering. Keeping you in my prayers girl.