Friday, January 16, 2009

Back in London

The internet didnt work the entire time I was in Kyrgyz. T is still there til Sunday but I am in London getting ready to get on my plane to Houston. I am exhausted this trip. The only good thing is that I got to see B for 4 glorious days. He was much more active this trip (he was just turning 3 mos when I went before) we laughed and laughed. He likes it when I shake my hair at him.. hes also ticklish and has this wide open laugh that is soooo cute. He is still little (only 12 lbs, 26 inches long) but the orphanage director said they were just starting him on porridge so he would be gaining fast. The clothes I brought him were HUGE on him (6 months) so he will have to grow into them. I wish I'd had his weight before I left for this trip. For those of you who out there who are considering an interim trip, If you can afford it.. go, absolutely go. Its hard to leave of course but I think I had myself all worked up, I didnt have a good cry til I was on the plane coming to London. Anyhoo, my incountry coordinator said there were 2 more boys (1 month old and 1 year old) that were just surrendered and he was going to ask J to find them parents. He is very optimistic and told T and I that it will get back to normal just may take another month or so. I hope he is right. He said to look at March for going back to bring B home. At this point though, I am not counting on anything til I have a letter and a court date.

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Johnda said...

Once you have your child home the love makes them grow faster than anything...I hope and pray you do get to bring him home soon!!!