Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Its 2009, 'the year of Porkchop'. I didnt do anything to interesting last night. I was out of town, in St Louis, working and got back around 11:00. Mom and I were watching TV and didnt even known it was midnight until we heard the people in the neighborhood lighting fireworks. The year of Porkchop has finally arrived I was hoping it would have been 2008 but no luck. The ups and downs are really trying my patience. The ever changing 'move forward' date has left me wary and shaking my resolve of things to come.. I am very cautious about what I say to friends that ask 'when is he coming home'. I am, by no means, giving up on the HOPE that he will be coming home soon I have enough Faith for that feeling to remain strong. My patience is being tried by the neverending date of 'movement'. We have, yet again, another date. The middle of January the politicians are getting back to work. Maybe we will see some action, maybe it will take a little longer than that. Either way, Porkchop will be home in 2009, so that makes this New Year the best I have ever had.

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Allison said...

This will absolutely be the Year of the Porkchop. And next year, you'll be celebrating a new year with him in your arms! I just know that things will get moving once the politicians get back to work after the holidays.
Big hugs!