Friday, February 6, 2009

I've been away from here a while

I know I have been away from the blogging world for a while but there really isnt anything concrete to say. My letter hasnt been signed, I havent had court and we dont really know when it will happen. We (all of my fellow adoptive parents) have heard multiple times that 'next week they will start signing letters'. These comments havent been truthful so I am hesitant to allow myself to believe this latest update. I want to believe what they are saying in Kyrgyzstan but I am a little 'gun-shy' so to speak. From what J says in her update to us this week, they are reviewing the dossier and our coordinator in country said he was certain that T's letter will be signed next week. I am very happy for her but sad for me at the same time. J says that they are prioritizing special needs children to get them home so they can get the medical care they cannot get in Kyrgz. I am fortunate that B is healthy and terrified that something will happen that noone is expecting. I try not to think about it but, lately with UNICEF 'trying to help' and comments that Americans are only taking the healthy children, I am scared that they will take him back and give him to a Krygz family. My mind tells me that there is no way they would do that but that doesnt stop the fear in my heart.
Below is what we heard yesterday from J.

Hi All,I talked to T a few minutes ago. This is the message...B literally saw that family dossiers were being reviewed at the MOE. He said he is certain they will sign the letter for T next week. They are prioritizing children with special needs who need medical attention.They do not plan to stop adoptions.Any families with documents submitted to court previously will have to go through court again. The dates of the progression of your approval have to be in the order the MOE dictates. Although the previous MOE administration was indifferent, now they are strict. The dossier and child's documents have to enter court AFTER the date the MOE approves your dossier. Most interesting is this... today's news is that the MOE will stay in charge of adoption. That about knocked me off my chair. Apparently some higher-up did not like the idea of the Ministry of Physical Culture/Dept of Social Protection taking over adoption and refused to sign off on a transition. So we and your files are all staying put in the MOE. This kind of suggests that my suspicion of a power struggle going on behind the scenes between the depts was true. T thinks this is what Ms S really wants. Who knows.


Christina said...

Lets pray that they sign several letters this week. Unfortunately J. has said it is not unrealistic to expect to wait another 2-3 months before we can bring our little man home and that is even if they start signing letters. This wait is miserable.

Becky said...

You and little man are always in my prayers, as are all the PAP's waiting to go back for their children, and all the children waiting.

Maria said...

I continue to pray -- and specifically for each of the children who are near my heart, like Little Man. This wait must be agonizing.

Kathy W said...

I fully appreciate your comments, The wait has been very hard to bear, particularly with the ups and downs in reporting on current status. I will however be very glad for any waiting parent who gets a letter, no matter how long it takes for mine to come.

Kathy W