Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The latest from J

I got an update from J on a press release from Bishkek. I dont have the link for the report so it is posted here. The overall sentiment (from my perception) is that the Kyrgz government wants to have a treaty with those foreign countries it will allow children to be adopted to. J felt it would make sense to have some sort of interim agreement between the US and Kyrgyz to allow for the already matched children to be 'grandfathered' in and complete the adoptions considering the expense the families have already paid in fees to the government. We arent sure what type of treaty or agreement they are trying for but the deadline in the press release is March 31 (11 days after the initial March 20 deadline for the Committee's findings). J thinks that any permanent treaty would take a few months to determine from country to country. T talked to Ambassador Z and she said to wait a couple days and she would find out what kind of agreement the would want. So I guess we wait.. some more.

Kyrgyz Republic Government Addresses Regulation of
Adoption Procedures

BISHKEK (AKIpress) – Kyrgyzstan's prime minister, Igor Chudinov, has signed a Kyrgyz Republic (KR) government directive addressing child adoption issues. This was reported today, February 17, 2009, by the KR Government Press Service.

The document in question was approved with a view toward regulating the procedure for adoption of children who are citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, and improving the Kyrygz Republic's legal framework in that area.

Given those considerations, and in accordance with Article 130 of the Kyrgyz Republic Family Code, the Government of the Kyrygz Republic resolves:

To declare invalid Section 3. "Adoption of Children Who Are Kyrgyz Republic Citizens by Foreign Citizens" in the "Statute Regarding Rules for the Placement of Children Without Parental Guardianship for Adoption by Cititzens of the Kyrgyz Republic, and by Foreign Citizens", as approved by KR Government Resolution No. 121 on February 22, 2006, "Regarding Confirmation of the Statute Regarding Rules for the Placement of Children Without Parental Guardianship for Adoption by Cititzens of the Kyrgyz Republic, and by Foreign Citizens".

Simultaneously, it is resolved that adoption of children from the Kyrgyz Republic by foreign citizens or stateless persons shall be authorized only if an international treaty exists between Kyrgyzstan and the foreign state.

The KR Ministry of Education and Science and the KR Ministry of Labor and Social Development have been assigned to submit by March 31, 2009, following established procedure, their proposals regarding improvement of those statutes that regulate child adoption.

Pursuant to this document personal responsibility for compliance with KR legislation in adoption matters is placed upon the heads of state administrations at the level of the republic's regions and districts.

It should be noted that this directive becomes effective immediately on the date of its official publication.



Monica said...

Wow. That's really good new info! I'm going to send an email to our State Dept asking them to sign that treaty with haste! thx for sharing.

Maria said...

Interesting turns this process is taking, isn't it? I am hopeful it is all worked out for good very very soon. Hugs!!