Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nothing, Nada

So nothing new on the adoption front. Still waiting to hear if the letters are being signed. I dont know what is going on but I am just waiting. Waiting for some good news.

I am also now on Facebook. Apparently Facebook is the place to be. Its not good enough that I blog now I need to be on Facebook. Its pretty cool though, and it seems that everyone is on there. I already have a few friends and have had someone throw beads at me (for Marti Gras) and start a pillow fight with me. I am waiting for a few friends that I havent seen for a while add me to there list so we can get back in touch. Its definitely got some 'six degrees of separation' potential. I will keep you posted on this latest endeavor.


Maria said...

Hey, Beth. I'm on Facebook too. You can add me as a friend (if you want)!! :-) There is a Kyrgyz adoption group there too. The link is probably on my home page/wall. I'm listed as Maria Binkley Latham.

Christina said...

Beth, I am on facebook also. Christina Lunn. Look me up.