Sunday, February 22, 2009


The latest update from J last week isnt all that great when I really get into it. J had a good point in her weekly email today. The Kyrgyz government may want a 'Treaty' but the US Dept of State pretty much already has a 'treaty' its called the Hague Convention, and doesnt really want to go outside of that on a percountry basis. The hope is that the Kyrgyz government will see the need for completion for the families in progress. J made excellent points regarding the support and fees we have already paid to the government. We have followed all of the rules set by the officials during our entire process so far. T is working on a letter to that effect. She is in contact with the Ambassador and the hope is that the Ambassador can make some push to 'grandfather' those families thru using the old laws and get our children home. Again, we are being told next week for more information. The press release last week gave the Kyrgyz government a deadline of March 31. Another deadline but, setting a deadline isnt a guarantee that they will keep it.

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Monica said...

Hmm... yeah it does seem that our country probably would not be too interested in separate adoption treaties with every random country.

In my perfect fantasy our gov't will agree to whatever the treaty is in exchange for keeping the Manas airbase open for another 3 years... why can't we all just work together! :)

Always hoping for better news soon!