Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shopping and Baby Book

I hadnt thought of it yet... but suddenly today I felt the need to go shopping for a 'Gotcha' outfit for Porkchop. I dont why I got the feeling, but I am going to start looking. I know I want something warm for him (which is hard to find in Phoenix) since I think it will be Dec 1 when I go.. Thats the date I have zeroed in on. I dont have any solid info leading me to think that in 5 1/2 weeks I will be holding my son again, maybe its just hope. Warm clothes.... I will start looking.
I also ordered a baby book. I found a website online that has books that you can add customized pages to. I got the Little Dots baby memory book and added the 'foreign adoption' and 'single mother' add on pages to customize it. I liked it because I am not a scrapbooker but love the way scrapbooks look and how they are so customized to perfectly capture the thoughts. I also liked that they had options for my specific situation. When we got home from Kyrgyz there was a suprise, a package from S, a friend and co-worker from South Dakota. It was Porkchop's FIRST gift.... It is a totally adorable 'froggie' bath towel with a hood and the J&J bath set. So cute.. I love it. I took pictures and will put them in the baby book. Thank you SB!


Monica said...

I'm hoping that I'm wrong (or maybe it's an agency specific thing?) but I thought the babies HAD to be 6 mo. old in Kyrgyzstan now before they can be picked up...??? Has your agency said something other than that? I hope that you DO get to go back to get your son in December!
Best wishes to you!!!

Christina said...

We got our Gotcha Day outfit at an outlet store that sells Zutano. It came in and it is nice and fleecy. It is nothing fancy but it is warm. Just put in Zutano and it will give you several stores to choose from. Good luck on your babybook. Keep us updated.